Papa Jacob’s Farm

I know, it’s getting kind of old, me writing all these stories. But, I think, they need to be told. Hopefully, someone will find them enlightening.

I think it is noteworthy how much my Dad liked his father-in-law, George Jacob, Sr.,
Jacob, as his wife, our maternal grandmother called him, was a man’s man, like Dad.
Papa Jacob had a farm in Waller, Tx, which for me and the older children of Rip Smock and our cousins on mother’s side, was a wonderful respite from living in Houston, Tx.

When we were young, Granny and Papa would allow up to 5 of us to visit the farm at a time. At the time, I thought they were being a little too restrictive. Now, I wonder if I would welcome five children, whether related or not, to visit me for a week.

My visits to the farm were memorable, to say the least. My most vivid memory about the farm is Papa shooting the big mean rooster that was always harassing all the kids. Before we were awake, we heard a loud bang and by lunchtime we had Papa’s famous stewed chicken with rice.

My second most vivid memory is Granny J reading ghost stories to us in the dark before we went to bed. Number three is the fact that we could look out the bedroom window at night and see shooting stars at night.

Anyway, I digress.

The point of this story is that my Papa had a very good influence on my Dad.

Because Papa bought the first of our menagerie of animals for us is very important. After that, I got up every Saturday morning, got dressed, and was ready in case Dad was going to Hempstead Feed and Seed. We always seemed to come home with new animals, chicks, turkeys, ducklings, etc.

Pretty soon, Dad had a miniature farm for his children to enjoy.

I can’t say that any of it was not enjoyable. Sure we had chores, and as J. P, said he would find meaningless tasks for us to keep us busy.

It was a good thing for him to keep us busy doing things around the “farm”. It kept us out of trouble.

I don’t know anyone who had as unique and interesting a childhood as I did.

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