Gun Safety

My Uncle Joe was a great man. As loyal as they come. He has always been my favorite Uncle. Growing up I would sometimes spend Spring Break up there and he would be a tough but fair old man that would teach me things while helping me build character.

He one time taught me gun safety when I got my first rifle at around 5. It was a BB gun but you still have to be careful.

Joe: *Pumps up the BB rifle many times.
Joe: First, don’t shoot your truck. *Proceeds to shoot his truck.
Joe: *Pumps up the BB rifle again.
Joe: Second, don’t shoot yourself. *Aims it point blank to his foot and pulls the trigger.
Young Jacob: Looks at his shoe with the BB hole in it.
Joe: Keeps a total straight face like he was not hurt.
Young Jacob: Wide eyed AF.

Years later after I was an adult. I asked him how bad that hurt and would he do it again.
He said something like “Hell no, that fucking hurt.”

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