A Man’s Man

My Dad believed that women needed men to take care of them. I am not arguing with that. When I fell in love and wanted to get married at the tender age of 20, I was so worried that my parents would disapprove of the man I had chosen.

Fred, being 21 years older than me was not the only issue. The fact that he had 5 children, whom were all teenagers, worried me. I was afraid my parents would not approve. And, approval was very important to me.

My Dad, with surprising aplomb, welcomed Fred with open arms. I guess he felt a man with 5 children had something to brag about. He always treated Fred as an equal and was very accepting about the children.

When we decided to get married, Fred and I thought we needed to tell Dad. Mother already knew, of course. One night we decided to tell him. Well Dad must have known something was up, because he dragged out all the old home movies and made us sit through, what was for me, sometimes embarrassing moments in my childhood.

We chickened out, and didn’t tell him. I think he knew and he was just tormenting us.

We eloped, marrying in Mexico, and I am still here on the Texas/Mexico border, thinking that my Dad knew more than he let on.

Fred and I love you, Dad.


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